Ground Maintenance

Gairdin Glas offer a high quality, client orientated, grounds maintenance service in the Mid West region. Our service is tailored to each individual site and our clients specific needs and requirements.

We currently maintain a wide range of grounds which consist of businesses in the banking and pharmaceutical area, housings estates, management companies, semi-state agencies, schools and residential customers.

Services offered include:

1) Grass cutting

Our grass cutting services are provided by a dedicated and experienced grass cutting team using top quality professional equipment.  Gairdin Glas provide for the cutting of grass on a 10 to 14 day rotation.  All large areas of grass are mulched which increases through put and therefore reduces the cost of maintenance without sacrificing on quality.

In an average year, the mowing season should last from mid-spring until mid-autumn with growth slowing down after mid-summer.  However, in recent years, grass has carried on growing late into the autumn/winter time.  As a result of this, grass may need to be cut in poor wet conditions.  Our specialist equipment ensures that we are able to continue to provide a professional service regardless of the weather or ground conditions.

2) Weed control

Weed control is an important part of our service, especially the application of weed killers to drive ways and paved areas.  Gairdin Glas uses a combination of manual methods and the responsible use of herbicides in a safe and environmentally friendly manner to control all weeds.

Employees are fully trained and certified in the application of weed killers and herbicides.  Gairdin Glas acknowledge that many clients like to see as little weed killer as possible used.  Therefore, we use the most appropriate weed killers/herbicides accordingly to best practice while taking into account customer preferences, budget and suitability to site.

8404350951_a6af48bc5c3) Shrub, Hedge and Tree maintenance

There is much more to hedges and shrubs than creating a natural barrier.  In order to keep their shape, size, and colour, regular trimming, pruning and fertilizing is required.

Using the correct equipment, Gairdin Glas maintain both hedges and shrubs in a safe and cost effective manner.
Late Summer is the traditional time to clip most hedges as much of the years growth is complete and the wood is still relatively soft and east to clip.

On poor soils, young trees and shrubs are fed with a shrub fertiliser in Spring to improve their health and rate of growth.

4) Lawn care

Gairdin Glas fertilizers and treats all lawns in order to maximise their full potential.   The secret for a good lawn is to keep it healthy and growing well.  Research has shown that over 60% of the lawns are never fed, no wonder so many are not as attractive as they could be.  This actually means they are even harder work, as a weak lawn is more likely to have weeds and moss growing in it than a healthy well maintained one.  The key to a good lawn is routine, regular mowing to keep a uniform grass height and regular feeding to keep the grass vigorous and healthy.  This is especially  important now, there are so few treatments left to control pests and diseases in turf.  When we have to replace areas of worn grass, we either seed or lay tuff, depending on how long this area can be out of action.  Seeding is the cheaper option, but it cannot be walked on for a fairly long period of time compared to turf which could be back in use after only three or four weeks.  Gairdin Glas annual lawn care programme will ensure your lawns are maintained in an excellent condition all year round.

5) Hard surface maintenance to include cleaning and patio restoration.

Keeping patios and decking clean is always challenge in the damp Irish climate.  Gairdin Glas carry out all types of patio cleaning regardless of whether it is natural stone, cobble lock, imprinted concrete, plain concrete or decking.  Weeds between paving slabs can be difficult to remove but path weed killers can be used to control them and to prevent new weeds from germinating.  Deck and patio areas need to be cleaned down thoroughly each year to keep them clean and safe from slippery algae.