Limerick Racecourse

“Manus and the team keep the landscaped areas in great shape for us. We only get one chance to make a first impression on race goers. The entrance area and the parade ring continually get commented on by our visitors”

Racecourse Manager


“A chemical manufacturing campus is a difficult place to make beautiful. The beauty of nature enhances the environment around our campus – with a little help from Gairdin Glas”

John McGrath, Facilities

Residents Association

“We have a hard working Residents Association but in spite of the hard work, it was a nightmare trying to keep the Green Areas clean and tidy until we contracted the job to the professionals. Trying to keep acres of grass cut with domestic lawn mowers was insane”

Gerry Woulfe

Private Residence

“Our garden had unfulfilled potential. Gairdin Glas helped us to exploit it. Manus doesn’t just do the work – he brings ideas and cares about the result”

Joe McGarvey